Children's Interests

December 7, 2021
Children's Interests

Share Your Child’s Interests

Thinking about the following questions can also help you identify your child’s interests:

What makes your child smile and laugh?
What gets and keeps your child’s attention?
What gets your child excited?
What are your child’s favorite things to do?
What does your child work hard at doing?
What “brings out the best” in your child?
What gets your child to try new things?
What does your child choose to do most often?

As you start to gather information about your child’s interests, you may notice that his interests can be grouped into two types of interests:

  • personal interests – these are a child’s favourite things, such as cars, water play, or music.
  • situational interests – these interests emerge when something about an activity, material, or person attracts a child’s attention or invites him to become involved. Situational interest often occurs when a situation is new, interesting, or unexpected.

Attached you will find a "Facts About You" sheet to fill out with your child/children. The parent/child survey helps to clarify and strengthen the important relationship between parents, children and staff at the Centre.


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