August 11, 2020

Dear Janet, Jackie, Mel & the OOSH team,

My children, Christina & James Veber, were due to return to OOSH this week after their absence in Term 2 due to Covid-19 precautions.
Late last week, my husband and I had had a change to our work arrangements, so unfortunately, we now no longer need before school care. Therefore, we would kindly like to cancel our Monday/Tuesday AM bookings for both Christina and James. I understand that we are required to give a notice period for our cancellation and have marked Christina and James absent from OOSH for the next two weeks.
Whilst their time at OOSH this year was very brief due to Covid, they really enjoyed going and spoke highly of all the OOSH staff. Personally, I would like to thank you all for helping them settle in this year and for all the hard work and dedication you continually show to the children (and parents), especially during this challenging year.

Kind regards, Amy Veber

With Gratitude

Dear BPCC team! Thank you for looking after Veronika, organising fun, sport, educational activities, and being flexible with our everchanging schedule. All the best!

Thank you Anastasia Babiy & Family

Thank You

Dear Janet, Mel, Jackie & The Amazing OOSH Staff, thank you so much for looking after Alice so well during her time @ Boronia Park! She will truly miss all of you and all the fun you bring! We hope to see you again in the future!

Love Alice Robey Cheers, Tim & Maria Robey

Thank You

Dear BPCC, Thank you for looking after me at after care. I had a lovely time spending time @ after care thank you.

Love Harriet, Lyndall Jackson & Family


My name is Jackie Samiri and I first discovered Boronia Park Care Centre in November 1998.